Build a travel planning app with Generative AI

Achieve success building with Google

Work anywhere with just a browser and seamless access to tools to build, test, and deploy your apps.
Create and scale backends for all your apps across mobile devices, web browsers, desktops, laptops, and embedded form factors.
Start or reimagine your apps with chatbots, search/retrieval services, recommendations, and image generators.
Access 20+ templates for Flutter, NextJS, React, Angular, Express, Go, Python, Rust, .NET, and more.
Gemini can help you write, debug, test, and refactor your code, or understand your codebase and create documentation.
Protect user privacy through increased visibility to your app’s data access, permissions, and network traffic.

Get to work quickly, wherever you are

  • You can jumpstart your new applications with managed templates in IDX or import your existing application codebases from GitHub.
  • Project IDX provides the freedom and flexibility to install the right tools for your project and customize settings so that the environment works for you.
  • If you use Firebase Hosting or Google Cloud, you can deploy your web applications directly from Project IDX.

Accelerate development with fully managed services

  • Connect your app seamlessly to PostgreSQL or NoSQL databases that fully leverage the power and scale of Google Cloud.
  • Firebase helps you ship dynamic, full stack apps with the security and scalability of Google Cloud, streamlined deployments from GitHub, and support for modern web frameworks like Next.js.
  • Bring generative AI into your apps using an intuitive AI integration framework, local developer tooling, and integrated cloud services to build and monitor production-ready AI features.

Discover an easier path to compliance

  • Take control of your app's data practices – Checks offers automated monitoring, customizable policies, and real-time alerts for simplified privacy compliance across the development lifecycle.
  • Monitor your development in real time, ensuring your code is compliant from development to deployment with Gemini.
  • Develop and monitor your GenAI apps to assure they align with your custom policies, responsible AI principles and future regulations.
Start a new project or reimagine your existing one by using the Gemini API.